Pat Lopez Art Restoration

Conservation and Restoration of Art and Antiques

We specialize in the conservation and restoration of Spanish, Spanish Colonial, Italian, Mexican / Folk, and European Art. Conservation is the preservation, repair, and prevention of the deterioration of artifacts; restoration is the renovation and return of an artifact to its original condition.

We provide quality conservation and restoration of a diverse array of artifacts, including but not limited to the following:

Figures and statues such as cherubs, angels, and Santos

  • Clean and repair damage.
  • Replace and cast broken and missing figure parts.
  • Cast and reproduce missing hands, eyes, feet, fingers.
  • Any body part of figures, statues or Santos.
  • We match with detail the original colors, textures, and finish.
  • Our techniques include: Sgraffito, estofado, polychrome egg tempera, and gold, silver, and copper leaf water gilding.
  • Santo restoration

    18th Century Spanish Colonial Santo. (l) hide glue on wood, (2) gesso, (3) bole, (4) burnished gold leaf, (5) blue tempera paint, (6) polychrome tempera paint, (7) design punched onto the surface, (8) outlines scratched away, (9) scratching completed, punch marks applied, and black-and-white "shadows" and "highlights"

Frames, candlesticks, and other wood objects

  • Clean and remove layers of over-paint
  • Consolidate deteriorating surface
  • Reinforce structure
  • Replace missing pieces and broken corners.
  • Restore broken embellishments and ornamentation; replicate decorative trim.
  • Repair cracks and rejoin open corners.
  • Restore pieces with bone, shell, and mother of pearl inlay.
  • Water gild gold, silver, and copper leaf; age new leaf to match the original frame.
  • Sand, strip, stain and/or paint.
  • Distress, tone, and glaze to match with the original finish.

Mexican laquerwork

  • We restore Mexican lacquerwork (lacas) such as votive boxes (cajas de votaciones), trays (bateas), almohadillas, chests (arquetas/cajoneras), candlesticks, jewelry boxes (coffres), and more. Lacquerwork typically has decorative painted designs or pictures.

Oil paintings on canvas

  • Clean grim and dirt from painting surface
  • Remove over-paint, previous repairs, and old varnish
  • Edge-line canvas, to remedy worn canvas corners and to strengthen painting
  • Conserve and restore paintings: consolidate and mend holes, flatten and readjust canvas thread, fill in losses and tears, and then varnish before inpainting to isolate the restoration work that is going to be done; next, inpaint and then varnish
  • *All restoration techniques are reversible, and any retouching is limited to the specific areas of paint loss or support damage
  • *Each painting is carefully considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Paintings on wood, leather, and tin, such as retablos and more.

Decorative painted wooden artifacts

  • We restore decorative painted wooden artifacts such as furniture, chests, boxes, trunks, panels, and more.
  • We are fluent with techniques including Sgraffito, estofado, polychrome egg tempera, and gold, silver, and copper leaf water gilding.